International School of Luxembourg

Maître de l'ouvrage
International School of Luxembourg
C. Thiry

A low energy building with, in principe, two main volumes based on a modular reinforced concrete structural design.
Sitting on a lower ground floor plinth, the upper ground floor volume contains the early years school and common facilities. Above this, at an offset angle, is a three storey volume containing the Grade 1 to Grade 5 classrooms plus common use spaces.

A large curtain wall glazed window to the double height entrance hall, combined with the predominantly glazed exterior and interior glass panels, offers a feeling of transparency and openness.The nature of the modular grid determines the structural layout, the base upon which the planning is made, and furthermore breaks down to include the subdivision of the finished facade elements. The outer façade is highly insulated with a combination of triple glazing, fibre cement panels and wood. The project includes the use of green roofs; these aiding in the retention of water plus giving a positive energetic value.

Overall the new primary school building is presented as a long low structure with the introduction of various volumes, materials and colours to soften its impact on the local surroundings.

The steel reinforced concrete is an integral part of the energy concept, the built mass being used to partially warm and cool the school interior.
The project employs a highly efficient insulation combined with triple glazed elements thus reducing heat loss and achieving very low thermal values.

Energetic and environmental design

Classrooms are not air conditioned. Motorized casements located at the top and bottom of the windows allow for fresh air intake at times when the rooms are unoccupied. The system operates also during the night, when necessary, to allow for the discharge of the energy reservoir created by the concrete mass.
By utilizing this energy concept the use of traditional forms of heating systems is dramatically reduced as are operating costs.